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Site update in progress!


Yes, we understand the content here hasn’t been updated in a while, but we’re going to address that before the start of the curling season! And really, what needs to be updated anyway? We curl, it’s awesome, and then there’s cheese — what could be better than that?

And yes, we’re looking forward to starting up again, too.

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Full House

We curled on 4 sheets this week with the following results:

Sheet A: Phil W, Simone, Peter T vs. Tim, Ellie, Brendan

Sheet B: Kenny, Peter V, Hilary, Larry vs. Dave, Sandy, Sam, Denise (7-11)

Sheet C: Bob, Jen, Barb, Sharon vs. Robert, Kay, Dick, Ann S (13-2)

Sheet D: Dick N, Joan, Dave A, Margaret vs. Brock, Cathy C, Anne R, Les (6-6)

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